Review of Simple Wifi Profits by Andrew White and Chris Eom

Simple Wifi Profits ReviewSimple Wifi Profits Review – An Overview

Before we even start on a review of Simple Wifi Profits, I need to clear one thing up straight away. This course has nothing to do with Wifi – at all. The originators of Simple Wifi Profits call themselves “Wifi Bosses”, presumably to flag their mastery of all things internet, and so this is a variant of their branding. I’m slightly mystified as to why they would choose such a misleading name, but strange labels are not unheard of – the question is: what’s inside? And is it worth the investment? The verdict is at the bottom if you’re impatient, but if not, read on…

Summary of Simple Wifi Profits

Simple Wifi Profits ReviewThe Simple Wifi Profits program teaches affiliate marketing – making money by selling products and collecting commission payments as a result. While affiliate marketing takes many forms, the creators of this course focus on a specific approach in a niche they recommend. (In this, they are somewhat unusual, since similar courses tend to be more generic.) The advantage of the approach adopted by Simple Wifi Profits is that it is pretty simple – you can follow along and don’t need to do too much creative  thinking on your own. (But there is a significant downside as well, which I’ll explain later.)

What do you get with Simple Wifi Profits?

After you’ve sat through the webinar – a presell approach that some may find annoying, but others will find informative, you get the opportunity to buy in, either as a one-off payment or three monthly instalments. (We’ll talk about pricing later.)

The course comprises many short video sessions arranged in ten chapters – the first seven covering the core ideas and the last three with bonuses and additional training tools and resources.

simple wifi profits overview

On top of the video training, each chapter has a high quality .pdf workbook which is well presented and covers the main elements of the training. (Personally, I prefer to read than watch, but I’m probably in the minority here, so the workbooks saved me time and also allowed me to home in on areas that I needed more clarity on from the videos.)

As mentioned above, the slightly unusual approach of Simple Wifi Profits is to be very specific about the type of offers and mode of promotion. Don’t buy this course if you want to know how to sell internet marketing products – this is all about the Health niche, and some named products are used as examples. Now, focusing on a niche certainly simplifies the teaching leaving less room for accidental errors and misunderstandings on the part of the students. But it also means that students who put this into practice become competitors of each other. The niche is pretty large, but if Simple Wifi Profits gains massive traction, as their creators hope, it will become increasingly difficult for students to succeed. (That said, the risk of that happening is largely mitigated by the simple fact that most who sign up will not follow through – like college dropouts, it’s just a fact of life.)

Advertising: Facebook ads are used to generate traffic, which is a standard method, but ads come with additional promotional costs. Fortunately the course deals with ad optimization to keep the expenses down.

Simple Wifi Profits: Review of Course Breakdown

To summarise the chapter contents:

Chapter 1 – Affiliate Marketing – what it is, and the pros and cons compared with other online business models. If you’re completely new to the game, you’ll find this chapter extremely informative. If, on the other hand, you’re already doing it, then you may find this part a little repetitive, although the frequent references to the commissions will no doubt be encouraging.

Chapter 2 – Funnels – no, not the things you find on ships, but sales funnels, and how they operate. The concept of funnels has revolutionized internet marketing, and with so many tools available, there’s no need to struggle. Again, this section starts slow but gets quite detailed and will likely be useful even for experienced marketers.

Chapter 3 – Setting Up A Landing Page – by now you are probably understanding that the course makes very few assumptions about your level of understanding, so you are not going to get lost.

Chapter 4 – Building Your Empire – or more accurately, how to drive traffic with paid advertising, namely with Facebook. Of course there are other ways to generate traffic to your landing page, but Facebook, with its infinitely detailed targeting is one of the internet marketer’s favorites.

Chapter 5 –  Putting it all together – finally with all the elements in place it’s time to create a campaign and get started. There’s a good amount of detail on how to create the perfect Facebook ad, which is pretty important if you’re going to make money and not lose it by buying ineffective advertising.

Chapter 6 – Scaling up – with one successful campaign in place the goal here is to scale up the process so that the really big bucks can be made.

Chapter 7 is mainly about top tips and hacks to help you improve your work process and become more efficient at affiliate marketing.

On top of the videos there’s a private Facebook group, and monthly coaching calls with the course creators and other students.

How Much Does Simple Wifi Profits Cost?

This isn’t a cheap course – it’s going to set you back  $1,500 in one shot or you can pay a bit more and break the payment into three equal monthly instalments. Note that that’s BEFORE you pay for domains, hosting, funnels, autoresponders, and Facebook ads, all of which will add up. You really need to have $1800 available before you start, just to cover everything comfortably.

Value For Money?

$1500+ sounds like a lot of money – and of course, it is if you’re used to buying internet marketing products at $17 a pop. This is what the course creators think:

Simple Wifi Profits Review Summary

It certainly looks like a lot of value, even accounting for the inevitable sales hype, which, I’m afraid, is pretty much standard across the industry.

But, there is another way to look at this. While this isn’t a franchise model, it bears some resemblances. You get lots of information, access to tools, advice and support to help you build a business using an established model. Except most franchises will set you back 10 or 20 times the cost of Simple Wifi Profits easily. So, although the cost may seem initially high, given the quality and quanitity of the product coupled with the support, the price is not unreasonable.

And here’s another way of looking at it: assuming you’re new at the affiliate marketing game, you’d probably accept that, like many other aspects of life, there are skills to learn and knowledge to grasp. You could try to teach yourself, or you could engage a teacher. If you were learning a musical instrument, chances are you’d employ a music teacher. (As someone who taught myself to play the guitar, I know which way I would have chosen had I known then what I know now.) It’s actually worse than that because online marketing is a field which is constantly changing and what worked last year may not work this year. So if you’re going to do this on your own, you need to make sure you’re keeping on top of the changes. Or you just invest in a teacher.

Then there’s the warranty, and since this is a Clickbank product, it automatically comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

The Verdict

In this Simple Wifi Profits review, we’ve seen that the course itself is certainly comprehensive. It is perhaps not the slickest I’ve ever seen, but in my opinion it’s clear enough. But if you’re familiar with affiliate marketing and want to improve your skills, then there are other courses that may be more suitable (and cheaper).

But if you’re a newcomer, then the step-by-step approach will probably allay any fears that you’re going to get lost or confused. Not everyone will appreciate the less-than-reverent style of the two young people who created the course, but they bring energy and enthusiasm, and plenty of evidence about the effectiveness of their method.

Does it work? Yes, it does, but only if you do. There is no substitute for actually putting the information into action. Profits don’t magically appear by themselves. So be prepared to do work. That said, it’s not hard physical work, nor is it intellectually taxing. But you have to set time aside to learn.


  • you’re looking for someone to lead you through the complexities of creating a working affiliate marketing business,
  • can follow instructions and
  • you actually set time aside and work at it,

then Simple Wifi Profits will work for you. You will be encouraged by the success of other course participants and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t see the same level of success yourself.

And what if this isn’t for you? Keep on scrolling down…

simple wifi profits

If you’re thinking this isn’t for you – but would like something a little broader, then you might want to look at John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. On the down side, it’s another relatively expensive course, but it covers more ground than Simple Wifi Profits and is widely recognized as a solid course in affiliate marketing. I’ve created a short comparison between Simple Wifi Profits and The Super Affiliate System. And you can access the free webinar training HERE